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Sacramento Public Library – Bluebird Languages

With your Sacramento Public Library card, you get free premium access to Bluebird Languages.

Bluebird features 12 million interactive audio lessons that teach you any of 163 languages. It’s the largest audio library in the world, and it’s devoted to language learning.


  • Learn what matters to you with customized language courses based on your personal interests or occupation.
  • Learn quickly with proven spaced repetition methodology.
  • Assess and reinforce your progress with fun quizzes.
  • Learn completely for free thanks to the Sacramento Public Library.

How to get free access to Bluebird:

  1. Download the app from either Google Play or the App Store (links below).
  2. When you register, select the option “I have an Institutional PIN Code”
  3. In the Institutional PIN field, enter the following code: SAC2

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