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Personalized Language Courses

In addition to offering 12,498,294 prerecorded audio lessons, Bluebird lets you easily design personalized language courses that revolve around your personal interests (the things you love) or your job (choose from any of 60 occupations).

You decide how long you want each course to last (from a month to a year), how many new phrases you’d like to learn per day (from 4 to 12), what your skill level and age range are, and Bluebird will create a course specifically for you!

You can design a course that teaches you a new language in just 5 minutes a day, or you can dive deep with a course that will last an hour or more each day.

Each personalized lesson includes real-time bilingual subtitles, photographs for each instructional phrase, quizzes and a comprehensive study guide in PDF format designed just for you.

At the end of each week, there is a review quiz. Based on the results of your review quiz, you can opt to create a new audio lesson and a new quiz that focuses specifically on the instructional phrases that you had trouble with!

What’s more, you can design as many courses as you like — each one narrated in your mother tongue.