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Bluebird started development 10 years ago with the simple idea: Bring language learning to the entire population of Earth, regardless of mother tongue.

It has taken all this time to build our unequaled library of 12.5 million lessons, narrated in the mother tongues of 97% of the world’s population.

Our learning library is so large that if you played it non-stop, it would take 713 years to hear it all. In other words, imagine a monk in the year 1307 A.D. pressing the Play button on a smart phone that had time-traveled to him, and it playing Bluebird lessons without interruption until the present day.

If you’re serious about learning languages, you’ve come to the right place. No sugary gimmicks or tedious grammar — just research-based interactive audio lessons and quizzes to help you speak the language of your dreams quickly — and ensure you retain what you learn indefinitely.

Get Bluebird for free and see for yourself: You’ll be speaking a new language within just minutes, and conversing within a month!


Bluebird is a product of Pronunciator LLC, based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Pronunciator provides premium language learning services to public libraries, universities, and entire states and provinces throughout the US and Canada.