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Built for Billions of People

Bluebird is the first truly global language-learning app. Our mission is to bring high quality language learning to those with the greatest need for it, with a special focus on peoples who have traditionally been under-served or overlooked.

To that end, our interactive audio lessons will teach you any of 163 languages in your mother tongue. Our selection of 146 narration languages cover the languages spoken as first languages (“L1”) by over 7.2 billion people, meaning 97% of the world’s total population of 7.5 billion.

Learning directly through your mother tongue, and not an intermediary language, is the best way to learn.

With so many narration languages, and so many languages to learn, there are 23,798 language permutations possible. Here are just a few, at random:

  • Learn Japanese in Thai
  • Learn Scots Gaelic in Canadian French
  • Learn American English in Marathi
  • Learn Latin in Mandarin Chinese
  • Learn Gujarati in Assamese
  • Learn Malagasy in Igbo
  • Learn Australian English in Indonesian

While most language apps are Anglocentric (focused on teaching English speakers “foreign” languages), Bluebird wraps its wings around the whole world.

But Bluebird doesn’t stop there.

We also create personalized courses for you based on your job (any of 60 occupations supported) or the things you love (any of 50 personal interests supported). These personalized courses are also narrated in your mother tongue.

On top of all that, we also provide bilingual subtitles for each and every lesson, fun quizzes to further reinforce what you learn, phonetic text for select languages, PDF study guides to accompany your lessons, plus gender and articles for nouns in select languages.

Bluebird may very well be the last language-learning app you ever need.