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Is Bluebird the largest selection of language-learning audiobooks in the world?

Yes. Bluebird has the world’s largest collection of language-learning audio lessons: 5.5 million hours of content spread across 11 million audio files. That’s 628 calendar years of audio!

How much does Bluebird cost?

Bluebird offers two affordable plans for individuals:

  1. $14.99/month (or $149.99/year) to learn any single language
  2. $29.99/month (or $249.99/year) to learn an unlimited number of languages.

Pricing varies by country outside the US, making it affordable for all possible learners.

How many minutes does each lesson last?

Each pre-recorded Bluebird audio lesson averages 30 minutes, perfect for a daily lesson. You can also create Personalized Courses with lessons ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes in length, based entirely on your preferences.

How many hours of audio lessons are available for each language?

A typical language will have 340 hours of audio lessons available per narration language. Since there are currently 140 narration languages, it means there are 47,600 hours of pre-recorded audio lessons available for any given learning language.

Can I get a free trial?

A free 7-day trial is available directly through the Android and iOS apps (with no payment details required).

Does Bluebird have an offline mode?

Yes, you can bookmark any lesson and have it automatically saved for offline listening.

Can I use Bluebird across multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Bluebird on multiple devices, as long as your use is non-simultaneous. Bluebird remembers your progress, quiz scores and preferences across multiple devices automatically.

Can I bookmark specific parts of a lesson?

Better than that — Bluebird automatically saves your progress in every lesson you attempt, so you can easily resume at any point in the future.

Do you offer narration in languages other than English?

Yes. Bluebird lets you learn any of 160 languages through narration in any of 140 home languages. These 140 home languages cover 97% of the world’s population!

Do the audio lessons have subtitles?

Yes. Each and every Bluebird lesson has bilingual subtitles so you can read along in real time.

Do the audio lessons have photographs?

Yes. We use 10,000 photographs (one for each instructional phrase in our core curriculum) to provide further reinforcement.

What is Bluebird's methodology?

Bluebird uses the scientifically proven spaced repetition learning method to optimize both language acquisition and language retention. Just listen and repeat, it’s that easy!

Do you have quizzes so I can evaluate my progress?

Yes, premium quizzes are available for every lesson that you do, to both reinforce what you learn and evaluate your progress.

What do the eggs mean?

An egg appears on any lesson that you have started. A gray egg means that you have started the lesson, but haven’t yet finished it. Bluebird remembers your progress in every lesson you take, so you can automatically resume exactly where you last left off (no matter how many lessons you’ve started — it remembers your place in all of them). A blue egg means that you have listened to the lesson in its entirety, congratulations!

What do the ribbons mean?

Ribbons show your quiz scores. A yellow ribbon means that you have completed some, but not all, of the quizzes in a level or unit. A blue ribbon means that you have completed all of the quizzes in a level or unit.

Do I have to complete an audio lesson before attempting the quiz for that lesson?

No, if you would like to test out of a lesson, you can attempt the quiz directly, without experiencing the lesson.

How do I know how difficult a lesson is before starting it?

Each lesson is rated (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) based on the difficulty of the instructional phrases taught in that lesson.

Can I cast Bluebird audio lessons to Google Home?

Yes, Bluebird supports Google Cast in both the Android app and the iOS app.