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Bluebird is available on an annual subscription basis to institutions worldwide (public libraries, K-12 schools, universities, states/provinces, companies, government agencies, and even entire countries).

An institutional subscription is a cost-effective way to provide unlimited access to the world’s largest and most global audiovisual language-learning solution.

With a Bluebird institutional subscription, your users will have full access to Bluebird’s complete collection of over 12.6 million audiovisual lessons, comprising over 6 million hours of instruction (that’s 720 years) in 164 languages from any of 146 teaching languages. To put this in perspective, that is over three times the size of the entire catalog of the world’s largest audiobook aggregator.

In addition, your users will be able to create an unlimited number of Personalized Courses based on their occupational or personal interests. PDF study guides are also available for download.

Access is via a simple PIN code that your users enter when installing the Bluebird app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The PIN code unlocks all content and functionality, providing the same premium experience that individual subscribers enjoy.

Bluebird is available on a standalone basis, or in combination with Pronunciator (our browser-based language-learning solution, already in use by thousands of institutions in the US and Canada).

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