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FAQ Language Tests

Is the Bluebird Language Tests app completely free?


How many languages can I be tested in?


Is there any limit to the number of languages that I can be tested in?


Can I obtain a certificate if I complete all the tests in a language?

Yes. If you complete all the quizzes in a language, you will receive a free certificate of completion and proficiency.

Is there any cost to obtain a certificate?

No, it is completely free.

Why are there so many tests required to obtain a certificate?

We test you in a comprehensive way, unlike any other service. In order to earn your certificate from Bluebird, you need to complete 882 quizzes in a language. But by doing so, you will truly prove your skill level and have a valuable certificate that you can use for many purposes.

Can I compete with others around the world to see who is best at a language?

Yes. The leaderboard shows you your rank in every language that you are being tested in.

How do a toggle between native script and romanized text?

Depending on the language you are learning, you will see a label in the audio lesson that looks like “xA”. Tapping that label will toggle between native script and romanized (phonetic) text.

How do I report a problem?

Tap the “life buoy” icon on any page to create an email where you can enter details about your problem.

This is only a testing app, correct?

That is correct: This app only tests your knowledge of languages, it does not teach you the languages. For that, we recommend the Bluebird Languages app (but it’s not required).

Do you offer interfaces in languages other than English?

Yes. Bluebird Language Tests lets you be tested in any of 164 languages via any of 146 home languages. These 146 home languages cover over 97% of the world’s population!

Is there a place where I can see my average quiz scores?

Yes, see “My Stats” in the side menu of the app.